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Municipal committee on intercultural living together (CCVEI)

The law of 23 August 2023 on intercultural living together provides for the creation in every municipality of an “advisory committee whose remit includes the intercultural living together of all people living and working in the municipality”.

This committee has the mission :

  1. to identify priorities and obstacles encountered in the field of intercultural living together at municipal level ;
  2. to assist the local municipality in the development and implementation of measures and activities to promote intercultural living together ;
  3. to promote access to information, civic participation and community life ;
  4. to encourage dialogue, intercultural exchange and mutual understanding between all residents of the municipality ;
  5. to ensure respect for the values of intercultural living together and, in particular, to raise awareness and implement measures to fight racism and all forms of discrimination ;
  6. to elect municipal representatives to the Higher Council for intercultural living together.

The municipal committees on intercultural living together are key partners in intercultural living together at a local level. They play an important bridging role between non-Luxembourgers and Luxembourgers, non-Luxembourgers and local politicians, and politicians at local and national level.

Toolbox CCVEI

Communication tips for committees on intercultural living together

Graphic guidelines for committees on intercultural living together

If you would like to receive the CCVEI logo (different formats available), please contact the Division of intercultural living together:

Support for committees on living together

The Ministère de la Famille, des Solidarités, du Vivre ensemble et de l'Accueil can support the municipal committee on intercultural living-together (CCVEI) at several levels:

Support for project development and implementation

The Division of intercultural living together is available to advise CCVEIs on project management in the field of intercultural living together.

Contact :

Networking and exchange of best practices pratiques

With the aim of enabling all municipalities and their committees to benefit from the experiences of others, the Division of intercultural living together, in collaboration with SYVICOL, the Intercultural agency of ASTI and CEFIS, regularly offers a platform for meetings and exchanges between municipal actors : le GRESIL.


In 2020, the Department of integration launched a project to analyse the operation and needs of municipal advisory committees on integration. The study was carried out in two stages:

  • An online survey inviting all members of local advisory committees on integration (CCCI) to take part and share their opinions.
  • Qualitative interviews with members of around thirty CCCIs, selected on the basis of geographical representativeness, were carried out with an external expert.