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Intercultural living-together at municipality level

Intercultural living-together is a participatory, dynamic and continuous process that enables everyone living or working in Luxembourg to live, work and make decisions together. It is based on mutual respect, tolerance, solidarity, social cohesion and the fight against racism and all forms of discrimination. It establishes diversity as an enrichment and an asset for the development of an intercultural society.*

Municipalities, and all those living and/or working in Luxembourg, play an essential role in implementing national policies of intercultural living-together.

This website highlights flagship projects promoting intercultural living-together, provides useful information on the “Pakt vum Zesummeliewen” and highlights opportunities for networking and exchanging best practices in intercultural living-together at the local level.

*Art. 1: Law of 23 August 2023 on intercultural living-together

Best Practices

Welcome and orientation
Citizen's guide, Welcome event for newcomers etc.
Languages, education and training
Language Café, simultaneous translation etc.
Political and civic participation
Citizen workshop, participatory budget etc.
Volunteering and intercultural encounters
Neighbourhood day, third places, citizen's house, neighourhood application etc.
Diversity and the fight against discrimination
Living Library, Senior Plan, micro-aggression training etc.